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Disability Services: Home

Information on services for people with disabilities, available from Brooklyn College Library

Access for All

It is the goal of the Brooklyn College Library to provide equal access to information for all students, faculty and staff, and visitors. Read below for more information on how the Library serves individuals with disabilities.

Adaptive Equipment and Software

The Library is equipped with adaptive equipment and software for use by patrons with disabilities.

The following types of speech, magnifying, and print equipment and software are available in Group Study Room 134 and on another computer on the 1st floor across from the public elevators. Room 134 may be reserved by calling (718) 951-5328 or upon request at the Circulation Desk. JAWS and Zoom Text are available in all Library classrooms. The software listed below is also available on 2 computers in the New Media Center on the 2nd floor. To arrange for training in the use of the Library's adaptive equipment, please call the Director of the Center for Student Disabilities Services, 138 Roosevelt Hall, and (718) 951-5538. To receive assistance with catalog or other Library databases, please contact a Reference Librarian at the Reference Desk. 

  • JAWS Screen Reading Software converts computer screen text into spoken text.
  • Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 (version 6.0) is scanning software which converts printed or computer text into spoken text.
  • Zoom Text Xtra Level 2 magnifies printed and computer screen text.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 6.0 is voice recognition software that allows people to dictate letters and words into word-processing software. Headsets are available at the Circulation Desk.
  • Focus Series Braille Display provides a tactile interface with a personal computer.
  • CCTV with a stand mount video camera transfers a magnified image onto a monitor.

This site provides resources and information on technology accessibility for students, faculty, and staff at The City University of New York (CUNY). Here you can find the CUNY IT Accessibility statement, links to campus accessibility resources, information on the Technology Accessibility Task Force, and details on accessibility in system-wide applications.

Alternate Formats

All Library announcements and printed guides are accessible online. Upon request, information can be provided in a special format. Please contact Prof. Miriam Deutch at (718) 951-5221 if you need this information in Braille or on audiotape.

You can now listen to many scholarly articles.

The following database services offer audio for full-text html articles: Art Full Text, General Science Full Text, Humanities Full Text, Library Literature Full Text, Readers' Guide Full Text, Social Science Full Text.

Click on Databases from Choose one of the above databases. Do a search and get the results.

Click on any article that comes up with Full Text HTML. (It must be HTML.)

Click on the "Listen" option.

The article will be read to you. It is also available for download to an MP3 Player.

Book Renewal

Arrangements to renew materials via telephone can be made at the Circulation Desk.

Please see a full time staff member at the Circulation Desk (1st Floor) to arrange to renew materials via telephone. You may also renew books by e-mail at

Book Retrieval

Please ask the nearest staff member for assistance with book retrieval.

For retrieval of book or other materials, please ask the nearest staff member for assistance. He/she will be pleased to retrieve the material for you. Please make your request at least 45 minutes prior to closing.


Please see the Director of the Center for Student Disability Services for photocopying accommodations.

A student who is entitled to photocopies as an accommodation should arrange this through the Director of the Center for Student Disability Services, 138 Roosevelt Hall, (718) 951-5363.

Reference Assistance

Persons with disabilities may receive reference assistance upon request at the Information Services Desk.

If you need extensive assistance, please make an appointment with Prof. Mariana Regalado by calling (718) 951-5628.  Alternatively, you may make an appointment with the appropriate subject specialist. Telephone assistance is available by calling the Information Services Desk at (718) 951-5628. Other means of assistance are available from the Ask-a-Librarian page. Access to the Library's many databases from home is available on the Library website by clicking on Databases or Resources by Subject.

Assistance with library resources can also be provided by the Center for Student Disabilities Services at 138 Roosevelt, (718) 951-5538.

Rescue Assistance

Areas of rescue assistance are next to the public and staff elevators on each floor.

Persons with disabilities may also sign in with the Security Officer at the front entrance to log your location in the Library in case of an emergency.


Restrooms are located near the main elevators on every floor and are fully ADA compliant.

Rooms for Reading Aloud

Rooms may be reserved for reading aloud in the Library.

You may reserve a group study room at the Circulation Desk. If you require any other special accommodations, please call the library at (718) 951-5628 or email us at a week in advance of the date needed.

Wheelchair Access

All levels of the Library, classrooms, and auditorium comply with ADA guidelines for accessibility.

  • The front entrance of the Library is wheelchair accessible. There are entrance ramps with stabilization bars and automatic doors, in addition to the double front doors.
  • All levels of the Library, classrooms, and auditorium comply with ADA guidelines for accessibility.
  • All tables in the Library are ADA compliant.
  • Adjustable-height tables are located:
    • On the first floor at carrels 1D19 & 20 (opposite the public elevators), 1H2 (opposite Special Collections on the first floor) and Table 1 in the Reserve Reading Room;
    • On the second floor at 2C38 (in front of the New Media Center Desk), 2C6 (near the Music Service Desk and New Media Service Desk), and 2A1 (in front of the Octagonal Reading Room);
    • In all Library classrooms
    • Temporarily closed: On the Lower Level at carrels 0G10 (opposite Periodicals Compact Shelving), 0D2 & 3 (opposite Government Documents and Periodicals Compact Shelving), and 0F2 (in the Current Periodicals Reading Room);

To access the Multipurpose Room, Library Administration offices, fourth floor group study rooms (415, 416, 417), and Library staff lounge please call ahead to (718) 951-5342 for assistance with the wheelchair lift. Or you can take the staff elevator to the 4th floor which allows for ramp access to all rooms on the fourth floor.