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Photo credit: Ryan Holsopple

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PIMA 7741G Interactive Media Programming: Home


Contact Information for Professors

Course Name: PIMA 7741G​ Dynamic and Interactive Media Performance I
Class Meeting Location: Classes are Hybrid we will meet on Zoom
Unfortunately, it is most likely, we will not meet in person this semester, classes will be online until otherwise notified.

Class Time: Mondays 6:05PM - 8:50PM

Ryan Holsopple
Adjunct Office hours will be hosted on Zoom during the semester, these will be isolated to a time period discussed on the first class meeting.
CUNY has allotted 1 office hour/week for this class.

Briggan Krauss at

Professor's website

Course Description

In-depth study of tools and techniques for designing dynamic and interactive multimedia systems for use in live performance situations. Emphasis will be on student creation of custom computer software to realize interactive projects. Video, audio, three-dimensional computer images, and alternative computer-human interfaces will be addressed. Extensive instruction in graphical computer programming; no experience required.