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HIST 3554 Modern Turkey: From Empire to Nation State: Topic 6

Topic 6: The Turkish State, Ataturk, and the One-Party State

October 6-13

Topic 6 Images

Topic 6b: Turkish Historiography of WWI and the Early State

October 18-20

Gocek, Fatma Muge. "Reconstructing the Turkish Historiography on the Armenian Massacres and Deaths of 1915," in Richard G. Hovannisian, Looking Backward, Moving Forward, 2003.

Adak, Hulya. "National Myths and Self-Na(rra)tions: Mustafa Kemal's Nutuk and Halide Edib's Memoirs and The Turkish Ordeal." in The South Atlantic Quarterly - Volume 102, Number 2/3, Spring/Summer 2003, pp. 509-527.

Primary source: Readings from the Nutuk