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Children's Literature at the Brooklyn College Library

The Children's Literature collection (located on the 3rd floor) is one of the Library's discrete collections. Students enrolled in children's literature courses through the English department (whether English majors or minors, or in the Children and Youth Studies program), pre-service teachers looking for resources for lesson plan and curriculum development, and faculty in the School of Education creating their own curricula or using children's literature for their research, will all find the Library's collection of fiction and non-fiction (print and electronic) valuable.

To meet the needs of these diverse users, the collection development policy for children's literature is one that celebrates, among other qualities, a diversity of opinions, abilities, backgrounds, traditions, and languages. Guided by this orientation, a narrower focus of the policy is to collect resources which reflect the diversity of Brooklyn College, its surroundings, and students in New York City's public education system. 

While its primary focus is to support academic research, curriculum development, and classroom use, the collection recognizes the rich tradition and history of children's literature, and holds copies of classic and award-winning books, as well as more recent works of popular fiction users can check out to read for pleasure.

Researchers will also find that the Library subscribes to an assortment of journals (both in print and electronically) that publish research on the field of children's literature.

The Children's Literature collection is supported by a generous gift from Howard and Diane Wohl.

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