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CLAS 3239 | Ancient Medicine: The Classical Roots of the Medical Humanities: Home

Welcome to Ancient Medicine: The Classical Roots of the Medical Humanities, a course designed to introduce you to the main themes and ideas in the medical literature produced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

About This Site

This site is for those interested in ancient medicine and the medical humanities, both at Brooklyn College and around the world. It features open access web resources and other resources available to the City University of New York community. It is committed to the use of Open Educational Resources (OER).

The medical humanities is a multidisciplinary field that embraces the study of medicine through the lenses of literature, history, philosophy, the social sciences, and the arts in the context of applied medicine and bioethics. It draws upon these diverse disciplines in pursuit of medical educational goals, and in its continued valuation of liberal arts education supports the classical ideals of critical analysis and cultural awareness concerning the sickness and health of society and the individual.

Topics and Readings

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Topics and Readings

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