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CLAS 3239 | Ancient Medicine: The Classical Roots of the Medical Humanities: Course Documents

Welcome to Ancient Medicine: The Classical Roots of the Medical Humanities, a course designed to introduce you to the main themes and ideas in the medical literature produced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.


Disclaimer: This site engages with intimate matters of health, illness, and the human body. It includes graphic images and descriptions, as well as aspects of ancient medicine and ancient civilization that some in modern society do not condone or identify with. If you are easily offended by such content, you may not wish to explore this site. In addition, please do not try to perform any of the medical procedures or remedies described in the ancient sources. These sources are of historical and educational interest, and are not intended for therapeutic use, as many of the substances they recommend are toxic, and many of the procedures they describe are extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt to treat yourself or others using these therapies, and see a qualified health professional instead.


Greek and Latin Roots of English Medical Terms