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SPCL 7922T Multicultural Counseling: 4 Racism | Racial Microaggressions | White Privilege

Professor Baquet's Spring 2020 OER for Multicultural Counseling & Consultation in Schools


In this session we explore racism and white privilege. We discuss the impact of color blindness on systemic racism and explore the different types of racial microaggressions. Historical and Systemic Oppression discussed. Models of identity development are presented. 

Due: Virtual Pen Pal Reflection #1
Due: Film 13th; Course Readings.

Module Readings

Video: The MYTH of Reverse Racism


Movie to watch

Attribution: DuVernay, Ava, Spencer Averick, Howard Barish, Melina Abdullah, Michelle Alexander, Cory Booker, Lola Canales, Gina Clayton, William J. Cobb, Malkia Cyril, Angela Y. Davis, Craig DeRoche, David N. Dinkins, Baz Dreisinger, Kevin Gannon, Henry L. Gates, Marie Gottschalk, Newt Gingrich, Lisa Graves, Cory Greene, John Hagan, J M. Hough, Van Jones, David A. Keene, James W. Kilgore, Glenn E. Martin, Marc Mauer, Khalil G. Muhammad, Pat Nolan, Grover G. Norquist, Dorsey Nunn, Liza J. Peterson, Charles B. Rangel, Kyung-ji Rhee, Shaka Senghor, Bob Sloan, Deborah Small, Bryan Stevenson, Ken Thompson, Nicholas Turner, Daniel Wagner, Jason Moran, Hans Charles, and Kira Kelly. 13th. , 2016. Retrieved from

Video: What are you?

Video: Code Switching

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