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SPCL 7922T Multicultural Counseling (Baquet): Home

Spring 2020 OER

Primary Information

Professor: Sarah N. Baquet, PhD, LPC
Office: 1101 James Hall; (718) 951-5876
Office Hours: Tues 4-7pm and Thurs 11-2pm; by appointment
Course Time: 7:10pm-9:40pm Tuesdays

Contacting Professor

Email is the best way to contact the professor. In your emails, be sure to have a descriptive subject line, title of class, and your full name. Please note that the professor may have limited access to email during weekends, evenings, and holidays. Please give the professor ample time to answer your questions and assist your learning. Please refer to the student handbook for email guidelines and etiquette. Students are encouraged to request in-person meetings if needed.


This course equips students with the clinical skills necessary for pupil personnel service providers to work effectively with multilingual and culturally diverse populations. This experience-based course will develop an awareness of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic factors that influence and shape behavior and development. Personal history, literature, and films will be analyzed in the contexts of acculturation and identity. Current research and theoretical and applied knowledge in this field will be reviewed. Students will integrate theoretical and applied knowledge in written assignments and presentations.


This course integrates theoretical and applied literature related to multicultural counseling and consultation in the schools. Theories’ applicable to diverse populations is questioned. The content of this course directly relates to the school counselor’s work in schools, including developing and implementing interventions for culturally and linguistically diverse children and their families, and consulting with school personnel and families.


  • Students will be participating in the learning process via a combination of facilitated class dialogue, short lecture, virtual pen-pal dialogue, case application activities, small group discussion, written assignments, reading assignments, consultation, quizzes and experiential activities.

  • Students are responsible to be prepared to express their perspective and insights as well as voicing their questions for material assigned for each class period.

  • Please note: Because it will assist you in becoming an effective counselor, it is important for you to be open about your own experiences and relationships during this course. It is also essential for professional counselors to be aware of their own attitudes, beliefs, biases and personal challenges. Awareness is key to developing insight and assisting the counselor-in-training to achieve the course objectives, yet, reflecting on your own experiences can sometimes cause challenging experiences to occur. The counseling department encourages you to practice self-compassion and care for yourself during this time and to seek professional assistance from others, if needed.

Courageous Conversations within a Community of Respect

Multicultural competence is built on personal awareness. Gaining awareness of our own cultural lenses (and how they influence what we see and how we respond) requires that each of us step outside our typical ways of understanding the world and the people in it. Often this can be more challenging than we first imagine. It is important that the classroom environment be one of respect and of honesty, honesty not only with others but with ourselves. Though it is not necessary for all of us to agree with one another on every topic, it is important that we are able to share our differing perspectives, first so that others can learn from our ideas and second so that we can learn from others.

Confidentiality and Equanimity

As a courtesy to one another and to add to the atmosphere of respect, students are asked to keep their peers’ comments, opinions, and personal experiences in confidence. We work to create an environment in which we hold our own and one another’s feelings and experiences gently and with compassion.