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Brooklyn College Library

SPCL 7912X: Social and Adaptive Behavior Assessmen (McCabe and Julian): Home

Social and Adaptive Behavior Assessment

Course Instructors

Instructor: Dr. Paul McCabe
Office: 1107 James Hall
Office hours: W 2:00 – 3:00 pm & by appointment

Instructor: Dr. Carolina Julian
Office: 1107 James Hall
Office hours: By appointment

Lecture and Lab Schedule

Early Lab (McCabe): Weds 3:15 – 4:55 pm

Combined Lecture: Weds 5:05 – 7:35 pm

Late Lab (Julian): Weds 7:45 – 9:25 pm

Class time will consist of lecture, discussion and laboratory activities.

Labs will consist of discussions, activities, demonstrations, practice, and supervision of test administration, interpretation, and integration. Communication of findings through written reports and consultation will be developed.

Course Textbooks

This course is a zero cost/open educational resources course.  That means there is no textbook students need to purchase. All materials are available freely to students.

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  • Galindo, I., Boomer, E., & Reagan, D. (2021). A family genogram workbook. blackboard item.