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Sociology: Search Tips for Qualitative Studies in Journals

The library's sociology research guide contains information on library resources like books, e-books, data sources, scholarly, and peer-reviewed journals.

Qualitative Research Search Tips

Searching Databases

  1. Cross reference your topic searches using qualitative as a subject term
  2. Be sure to search SocIndex, Sociological Abstracts
  3. Be sure to search the Annual Review of Sociology
  4. In an original research article the research design is sometimes indicated in the title, and will always be included in an abstract. You can always skim to the methodology section of an original research study to get the precise details.

Books and Monographs

In addition to journals, books and monographs are popular ways of disseminating qualitative research. However, books and monographs, are generally not the place to look for investigating how a particular qualitative methodology was implemented (unless it is a book about qualitative methods). The focus of a book length work is on developing a theme, research area, topic, or argument. If you are interested in learning how to implement a specific qualitative research design, journals are a better place to look. Be sure to check our print and e-book collection.