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Sociology: Sociology and Education

The library's sociology research guide contains information on library resources like books, e-books, data sources, scholarly, and peer-reviewed journals.

Books and E-book Collections for Sociology and Education

For Print Books in Brooklyn College Library browse the call numbers on the second floor of the library: L - LA (general education and history of education).

Tips for Searching Topics on the Sociology of Education


  1. AND will narrow your searches
  2. OR will broaden your searches
  3. NOT will narrow your searches to exclude a particular term

  1. TX All - Text (selecting this field will tell the database to only search for a keyword in the full text of the article)
  2. AU author - (selecting this field will tell the database to only search for a keyword in author field in the article record)
  3. Abstract - (selecting this field will tell the database to only search for a keyword in the Abstract of an article, if the article has an abstract. Not all articles have an abstract.
  4. Select a Field (optional) - Many databases have a default search, that let’s the database decide where to search.

Key Word Searching Tips

Tip 1 Remember to break your topic down into facets. Most library databases do not use natural language searching like Google. 

For example if you are interested in immigration and schools you want to think about words that are similar in meaning and alternative word forms.

Immigration (immigrant, migration, immigration status)

Schools (public schools, charter schools, university, college, private schools, etc.)

Tip 2 Truncation: Using the asterisk symbol "*" with a word root like Immigra* will retrieve articles with the words immigrants, immigration.

Tip 3 Phrase Searching is a way of searching that allows you to search a phrase with a text, title, or abstract. If you want to search the phrase; sociology of education, you will need to place it in quotations like "sociology of education." This tells the database that you want articles that has occurrences of this phrase, rather than looking for co-occurances of the words sociology and education.