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High School Students: Brooklyn College Library Resources

Brooklyn College Library Resources

When you're in the Library, you can access all of our resources on any of our public computers.

If you're taking credit-bearing courses at Brooklyn College (enrolled in a BC course like ENGL 1012), you can access our resources from home, too. Here are instructions for logging in from off campus.

If you're not taking credit-bearing courses at Brooklyn College, and you'd like to access these resources from home, contact Prof. Matthew Harrick.

  • Books: Use OneSearch to find print and ebooks. Watch this video for tips on how to use OneSearch.
  • Articles: Use OneSearch to start looking for Popular and Scholarly/Peer Reviewed articles.
  • Research Guides: You can also use Subject-Specific databases to find Scholarly/Peer Reviewed articles, and other related resources, in subjects such as Biology, Education, Psychology, and History.
  • Reference: Use Gale eBooks for reference resources, like dictionaries and encyclopedias. This tool is great for background and biographical information! Use this instead of Wikipedia. Watch this video for tips on how to use Gale eBooks.
  • Films: Check out the Library's streaming film services, which include movies and documentaries.
  • Music: In the music library, you can find research about music, musicians, and composers, as well as scores, and even music to listen to on vinyl!