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Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship: Training Videos and Tutorials

Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship


The Brooklyn College OER Developer Team has created tutorials for using various technologies in your online and in-person teaching.

Digital Tools Workshops to Support Students as Producers of Public Scholarship

New October Workshop Series: Digital Tools Workshops to Support Students as Producers of Public Scholarship
This series is being offered by Brooklyn College  Open Education Resources Project in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning.  
Each workshop below will connect you with a technologist who can assist you and your students with the digital tools used to support various pedagogies.

Digital Discussions
Many freely-available digital annotation tools such as Hypothes.isSlack and CUNY Academic Commons Group Forum offer the potential for richer engagement with text, both individually and in groups. This workshop will feature a demonstration of courses utilizing digital annotation for textual and media content, the tools and structures that work in different classroom environments, and a discussion of the challenges and opportunities created by digital annotation.

Teaching with Maps
This workshop will introduce faculty to easy-to-use web-based mapping. Online mapping tools offer creative environments in which students can pull together multimedia elements into a shared, visual space. From representing locations found in literature to annotating historical sites and visualizing geospatial data, these tools can tie learning to real-world knowledge and enable the creation of scholarly resources that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

Podcast and Video Assignments
Participants will learn how to support student assignments based on the production of audio/podcast and video recordings, with an emphasis on tools and methods for production and distribution. Recordings give students an opportunity to combine classroom learning with research, address a major analytical issue with a creative approach, and learn about presenting information for a public audience. This workshop will cover audio and video technical approaches for web and mobile use, resources and models to use for creative inspiration, and best practices for implementing successful audio and video assignments.

Open Publication Platforms
Learn how to use Manifold, and Scalar open-source platforms that allow instructors to create textbooks, course materials and monographs as interactive online books that can also be easily exported and distributed as ebooks, PD, and print-on-demand formats.  You can create dynamic course materials by publishing custom editions of public domain texts and open educational resources (OER). Instructors can embed additional notes, files, images, videos, and interactive content into the text to create an interactive multimedia experience. Manifold and Scalar also support social reading through collaborative annotations that can deepen student engagement with OER course materials. Social annotation helps teach students how to engage in the digital public sphere. Both platforms format well on phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

ArcGIS Mapping Training Videos

Live Caption a Lecture

Accessibility Workshop site

Accessibility workshop for Brooklyn College website, click to go to site.

This guide was created for Brooklyn College's Accessibility Workshop.  This guide will go through accessibility best practices, creating accessible content (word, PDFs, videos, audio, math equations), various platform accessibility instructions (LibGuides, Blackboard, WordPress).