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Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship: Map Databases

Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship

Historic Map Databases

  • American Geographical Society Digital Map Collection
  • American Memory - Maps Collections
  • AMS and GSGS index maps
  • Atlas of Canada
  • Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Project
  • Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
  • Bodleian Library Map Room
  • Broer Map Library - Homepage
  • Concharto
  • Concharto
  • David Rumsey Map Collection Database
  • Digital Map Indexes
  • Ethnographic Maps of the 19th Century
  • Free Library of Philadelphia - Map Collection
  • Geologic Atlas of the United States
  • Gough Map (Great Britain)
  • Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network
  • Hargrett Historical Maps Database
  • Historic Maps of Dutch Cartographers
  • Historical Map Archive
  • Historical Maps and Charts
  • Historical Topographic Map Collection (The National Map)
  • Images of early maps on the web: 2.1. Large general sites
  • Index to Digital USGS 15 Minute Topographical Maps
  • Locating London's Past
  • Map Archive of New Jersey's Abandoned Mines
  • Mapping NYC
  • Maps of Scotland - National Library of Scotland
  • Maryland Map Collection
  • McCasland Digital Collection of Early Oklahoma and Indian Territory Maps
  • National Atlas of the United States - 1870, 1880, 1890 & 1970
  • New Jersey Historical Maps
  • Maps: National Library of Australia
  • Old maps of Britain and Europe from A Vision of Britain through Time
  • Old Maps Online
  • Pennsylvania County USGS Maps
  • Places in History (Library of Congress)
  • Sanborn Maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Selden Map [of China]
  • Tijdreis : Over 200 jaar topografie [Time Travel: about 200 years of topographiy]
  • United States Military Academy - Digital Collections
  • United States Digital Map Library - About