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Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship: Publishing and Annotation

Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship

Annotation = Publishing

  • Whether for a small group or general audience, publishing content builds student engagement.
  • Annotation offers accessible publishing that enhance digital materials and OERs with compelling social, interactive and media elements.
  • Benefits also include better tracking, searching and control of contributions to classroom discussion.
  • Regular use of these tools (see subpages of this section for some of the most popular) improves research skills, extra-textual analysis and marshaling of varied resources and viewpoints.
  • Classroom annotation encourages adaptive, creative uses of web content as collaborative publishing becomes more pervasive.

Annotation Tools

  • - Decentralized, versatile annotation of web text with group and privacy control  

  • Scalar - Powerful video and image annotation within an academic publishing platform.

  • Manifold - Simple highlighting, annotation and resource association within a well-designed longform text interface.