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Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship: Other DV Tools

Digital Tool Box for Teaching and Scholarship

Other Tools

  • Datawrapper-Create simple charts and maps with a clean look.
  • Piktochart-Create infographics and embed them in reports.
  • data dashboards and interactive visualizations.
  • Google Charts - Customizable library of data visualizations that can be embedded in websites. Requires some coding knowledge.
  • TimelineJS - An open-source tool that lets you create visually rich, interactive timelines.
  • myHistro - Create interactive timelines with videos, images, text, and maps.
  • StoryMapJS - Tell stories that highlight the location of events with slides and maps.
  • Canva - Free resource to help you create infographics
  • RAWGraphs -The missing link between spreadsheets and data visualization.