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Library Support for Online Classes/Instruction: Peace of Mind

Importance of Mental Wellness

   With finals around the corner stress is common during these weeks in the semester, but this time around adding a city lockdown, unemployment, all in person contact restrained, and a widespread pandemic that's killed thousands could undoubtedly increase anyone's stress and anxiety levels not to mention fear, loneliness, sadness, etc. Sure things may look chaotic and it can be incredibly difficult to focus on academics, its completely understandable and we are here to help. On this page you will find helpful resources, self-care tips and fun activities to let your brain breath from the outside noise so that your mind can focus on your long term goals .   

Meditation and Relaxation Apps

Culture, Arts and Virtual Tours

Helpful Coping Apps

Creative Activities


10 Ways to Define Mindfulness - Mindful

Keeping your Body Active