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Blackboard for Faculty and Professional Staff: Support Site

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system (LMS) created to support fully online and face-to-face courses. It is the official LMS use by The City University of New York campuses.

Blackboard for Faculty and Professional Staff


If you are a CUNY faculty, a course shell should be available for you in Blackboard

 Click Here to Review the Blackboard Services Status Page


If you are having difficulty logging into Blackboard, you may need to clear your web browser’s cache or cookies. Press the link below for instructions.

Difficulty Logging into Blackboard


 IMPORTANT NEWS: New Blackboard Interface 


Brooklyn College community,

Starting Saturday, June 29th, Blackboard will update its Home page interface. The "My Courses" and "My Organizations" modules will now be listed as "Courses" and "Organizations” on the Home page menu.

This transition is necessary as the company is moving all its clients. Changes will only apply to the Blackboard Home Page; the course view and navigation will remain the same.

Please press this AIT site for instructions on accessing Blackboard courses and organizations in the new interface.

Best regards, Carlos



System Administrator

Unable to find answers for your Blackboard questions online? Want to report a Blackboard issue? Contact us

Carlos A. Cruz

Instructional Design Specialist / Blackboard and NJVID System Administrator

Carlos A. Cruz

AIT Support

Blackboard Support for Students

Topic of the month

Bb Annotate replaced the existing inline grading tool in your courses. This new tool offers a more robust feature set for you to provide customizable feedback to your students, including a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and more.

Download the Quick Start Guide

Click the Help documentation site

Video Tutorial

Student Preview feature allows you to review the course content from the student view.

Video Tutorial

Course Creation

Course shells for the upcoming semester are created based on the following schedule (subject to adjustment for maintenance):

  • Upcoming Fall semester: starting 1st Wednesday of June
  • Upcoming Spring semester: Starting 1st Wednesday of November
  • Upcoming Summer semester: Starting 1st Wednesday of April


            Looking for help with Blackboard? Our online documentation below provide basic help and detailed answers for the most common Blackboard questions.

                                                 MORE INFORMATION 

Blackboard Support for Students

Use Practices

'Cool' things you can do with Blackboard

- Store, organize and manage personal or course specific files and share them within classes or a particular person. You can use the regular course site or Content Collection; Blackboard’s own content management system. 

- Present all major media (graphics, audio, video) and document types such as (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), and PDF (PDF) everywhere.

- Provide access to electronic chapters from out-of-prints books, and other reading materials under copyright for student's use.

Other LibGuide pages


Respondus LockDown Browser

Below is a link to a recorded session on Respondus LockDown Browser, hosted by the Respondus Trainer. 

  Watch Video:

 Distance Learning Platforms, Tools & Resources - Remote Proctoring Solutions (policy)



Respondus LockDown Browser support for

Windows 7 will end on June 28, 2023.

For more information, please visit this announcement.

Blackboard Ally



New Blackboard Features 
    Resources and Support 



Ally is a tool that helps faculty improve the accessibility of course documents. With Ally, students view course documents in a variety of formats that support different learning needs.

  Watch this Ally Presentation



Press this link for information about the BLACKBOARD NEW INTERFACE GUIDELINES




Working with the YuJa, the new Media Server integrated with Blackboard

October 11, 2023  

March 7, 2024  (Repeat session)

Working with YuJa Advanced tools

March 20, 2024  


For instructions on how to choose Labster simulations on Blackboard, please, click here INSTRUCTIONS

Want to participate in a 30 min refresher training? Please schedule your training here: CALENDAR 

Labster's contact information.

Sean Demers

Customer Success Manager


Blackboard Rubrics

Create Rubrics

New Faculty?

Need Blackboard access? Click on the info-graphic document below to review the steps you need to follow.

Students' questions?

Please forward students with Blackboard questions to Brooklyn College Help Desk Phone: (718) 677-6180 E-mail:

Blackboard Support for Students

Want to improve your course interface?

Want to redesign your Blackboard course interface and improve user experiences? Look at the course examples below, you can use the same template or customize it for your own class. 


Contact Carlos A. Cruz to schedule a one-on-one work sessions