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ARTD 3089: Women in Modern Art: Further Reading

ARTD 3089: Women in Modern Art : Mona Hadler


Bibliography on Gender theory

Gender theory: the gaze, masquerade and drag, the abject and cyborgian feminism will be discussed in class.  Pdf’s of the following essays will be emailed to you. When one of these essays is assigned, answer the questions here as best as you can and we will discuss this in class.

Laura Mulvey, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,1975

What does Mulvey see as the pleasure of looking and why does it need to be destroyed?  Why is the gaze important.

Joan Riviere , “Womanliness as a  Masquerade” 1929

What is a masquerade for feminist theory?  What does construction of identity mean? 

Judith Butler, “Imitation and Gender Insubordination,”

What is the performative? How is drag a performance (or masquerade)? Why is this important?

            bell hooks, The Oppositional Gaze, Black Female Spectators, l994

What are bell hooks’ main points about black female spectatorship? What is an oppositional gaze?

Julia Kristeva, Approaching Abjection, l982 translated

            What is abjection? How does it “destroy the order”? 

Donna Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto  Why would Haraway rather be a cyborg than a goddess?

Bibliography   for your interest

Gita May, Elisabeth Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun the Odyssey of an artist in an age of revolution

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Aruna d’Souza and Tom McDonough, The Invisible Flaneuse? Gender, Public Space and Visual culture in Nineteenth-Century Paris, Manchester University Press, 2006

Ruth Iskin, Modern women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Paintings, Cambridge University Press, 2007

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___________The Expanding Discourse, l992

___________The Power of Feminist Art, l994

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Further Reading