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ARTD 3089: Women in Modern Art: Home

ARTD 3089: Women in Modern Art : Mona Hadler

About: Women in Modern Art

This course will combine art history with gender studies. It will be a balancing art between art historical discussions of key women artists from the Renaissance to the present, problematizing issues and reading theoretical texts. (Not open to students who have completed Art 15.6.) 

This class is an OER class—all assignments can be found online here on this site.


Anguissola, Sofonisba. The Chess Game (Portrait of the Artist’s Sisters Playing Chess).1555. Oil on canvas, Height: 72 cm (28.3 ″); Width: 97 cm (38.1 ″). National Museum Poznań.


Further Resources

Hammond, Harmony. Hunkertime, 1980 - Harmony Hammond - WikiArt.Org. 80 1979. Cloth, wood, acrylic, gesso, latex rubber, rhoplex and metal, 83 x 286 in. On loan from Elizabeth A. Sackler.