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CASD 2231 Speech & Language Development: Lectures

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Professor Epstein's CASD 2231 course.

Lecture Links

Click on a topic title below for required readings and other materials. Required readings must be completed by the beginning of class on the days on which the topics are covered.

6/5: Introduction to speech, language, & communication

6/6: Theories of language

6/7: Neurological foundations of speech & language
 Language Sample Analysis – Part I

6/12: Cognitive, perceptual, & motor foundations of speech & language

6/13: Social & communicative foundations of speech & language
   Language Sample Analysis – Part II

6/14: Language learning in young children in relation to their environments

6/19: First Exam 
   Language Sample Analysis – Part III

6/20: Language acquisition in toddlers

6/21: Pragmatic & semantic development in preschool children

6/26 and 6/27: Language form development in preschool children

6/28: Early school-age language development

7/3: Second Exam
   Language Sample Analysis – Part IV

7/4: Independence Day - NO CLASS

7/5: School-age literacy development
   Student Presentations

7/10: Cultural & linguistic differences in language acquisition
   Student Presentations

7/11: Third Exam