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CASD 2231 Speech & Language Development: Assignments

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Professor Epstein's CASD 2231 course.

Reflection on "Feral Children"

1. Imagine that you have become the foster parent or service coordinator of a “feral child.” What would be some of your most important goals in this position?

2. Identify one “feral child” from the video clip that you watched. What does the child’s story tell us about the critical period [of language] hypothesis?

In-Class Assignment on Research Methods for Assessment of Language in Infancy

1. Identify a research question that addresses communication development in infancy.

2. Describe how you could use one of the methods explained in the handout to answer this research question.

Write your responses on a sheet of paper that includes your names, the course number (SPEC 2231), and current date.

"Feral Children" Video