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HIST 3350: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Topic 10

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, 1881-Present: Louis Fishman

Topic 10

10. From an Arab-Israeli Conflict to a Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (April 19-21)

Topic 10 Readings

April 19 Lecture and discussion of following readings

  • Eisenberg, Laura. “The Israeli-Palestinian peace process, 1967-1993, Routledge, 81-91.
  • Golan, Galia. “Peace plans, 1993–2010,” Routledge, 92-106.
  • Newman, David. “Gush Emunim and the Settler Movement.” Routledge, pp. 256-266.
  • Chazan, Naomi. “Israeli Peace movements,” Routledge, 267-277.
  • Hroub, Khaled. “Hamas,” Routledge,  “233-243.”

April 21 Discussion of following readings

  •  Parsons, Nigel. “The Palestinian Authority,” Routledge, 222-232.
  • Schulz, Michael. “Palestinian Civil Society,” Routledge, 244-255.

Primary Sources:

  • Israel-Palestinian Liberation Organization 1993 Declaration of Principles 

Topic 10 Gallery