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HIST 3350: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Topic 6

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, 1881-Present: Louis Fishman

About Topic 6

6. The British, Jews, and Palestinians, during the British mandate to 1939 (June 16-17)

Topic 6: Reading: June 16

Shared Histories: Ch. 3 Read For June 16

  • Hassassian, Manuel. “The Palestinian national movement, 1919-1939,” 92-106.
  • Norman Rose, ““Zionist Diplomacy,” 1914-1939,” 101-107.
  • Discussion between Norman Rose and Manuel Hassassian, 108-134.

Topic 6: Readings for June 17

AND Choose one of the two articles and be prepared to discuss in class

  • Grinberg, Lev Luis. "1931 — An Arab-Jewish Civil Society Struggle against the British Colonial Government." In Mo(ve)ments of Resistance: Politics, Economy and Society in Israel/Palestine 1931-2013, 60-89. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2014.
  • Matthews, Weldon C. "Pan-Islam or Arab Nationalism? The Meaning of the 1931 Jerusalem Islamic Congress Reconsidered." International Journal of Middle East Studies 35, no. 1 (2003): 1-22. 

Topic 6: Gallery