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BUSN 3230: Small Business Management and Minority Entrepreneurship: Week 4

Prof. Hervé Queneau


  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting
  • Launch for Growth to Success
  • Business Structure Options: Legal, Tax, and Risk Issues

Week 4 Discussions

Answer the Week 4 Discussion Questions by Tuesday, June 22nd 11:59 pm and post at least 2 replies to the answers to the discussion question of other students by Thursday, June 24th 11:59 pm

Assume you have a friend who is about to start a company providing affordable test preparation services for the SAT and ACT. She plans to employ one full-time employee and several self-employed instructors. She is not sure which legal form of business she should choose.

  • What legal form of business (partnership, corporation, limited liability company, sole proprietorship…) would you recommend to her? What criteria would you use to support your recommendation?
  • What would be the advantages of the legal form you recommend relative to the other legal forms of business?

Week 4 Quiz

Week 4 Quiz covers the Chapters 9, 10, & 13. The time window to take the quiz starts on Monday, June 21st 12:01 am and ends on Sunday, June 27th 11:59 pm. Students can take each weekly quiz 3 times. I will keep the highest score.

Team Project – Marketing Plan

  • Upload your team’s Marketing Plan (single spaced, Font 12, Times Roman) using on the File Exchange function on your Group Page on Blackboard by Sunday, June 27th 11:59 pm
  • Please indicate “Marketing Plan” in the subject line.