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School of Business | Brooklyn College Library

BUSN 3230: Small Business Management and Minority Entrepreneurship: Week 1

Prof. Hervé Queneau


  • Syllabus and Course Requirements
  • The Entrepreneurial Perspective
  • The Entrepreneurial Journey and Pathways
  • The Ethical and Social Responsibilities of Entrepreneurs

Suggested Resources

Citation: [TEDx Talks] The Secret of How to Think Like an Entrepreneur | Amy Wilkinson | TEDxPaloAltoSalon (2018, Jan. 31) From: (19:24)

Citation: [TEDx Talks] The Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset | Bill Roche | TEDxLangleyED (2018, Mar. 20 From: (16:20)

Discussion Topics for Week 1

Answer the Week 1 Discussion Questions by Thursday, June 3rd 11:59 pm and post at least 2 replies to the answers of other students by Sunday, June 6th 11:59 pm.

Quiz for Week 1

Week 1 Quiz covers the Chapters 1, 2, & 3. The time window to take the quiz starts on Wednesday, June 2nd 12:01 am and ends on Sunday, June 6th 11:59 pm. Students can take each weekly quiz 3 times. I will keep the highest score.