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School of Business | Brooklyn College Library

BUSN 3230: Small Business Management and Minority Entrepreneurship: Week 2

Prof. Hervé Queneau


  • Creativity, Innovation, and Invention
  • Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunity
  • Problem Solving and Need Recognition Techniques

Week 2 Discussions

Answer the Week 2 Discussion Questions Tuesday, June 8th 11:59 pm and post at least 2 replies to the answers of other students by Thursday, June 10th 11:59 pm.

Read “Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt the Future of Work. Are We Ready?” by Brennan Hoban (Brookings. May 23, 2018.) external link.

Many signs point to growing automation across a variety of industries in the coming decades. In many cases, disruptive technologies will force people to innovate. Based on the DICEE innovation model (described in Chapter 4), explain how humans will be needed on the design side of innovation to create human-centric products. In what ways can you create a career that is “disruption-proof”?

Week 2 Quiz

Week 2 Quiz covers the Chapters 4, 5, & 6. The time window to take the quiz starts on Monday, June 8th 12:01 am and ends on Sunday, June 14th 11:59 pm. Students can take each weekly quiz 3 times. I will keep the highest score.

Team Project – Business Idea – One-Page Note

  • Write a One-Page Note describing your team’s business idea (including a feasibility analysis) by Sunday, June 13th 11:59 pm
  • Upload the One-Page Note (single spaced, Font 12, Times Roman) using on the File Exchange function on your Group Page on Blackboard.
    • Please indicate “Business Idea – One-Page Note” in the subject line.