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School of Business | Brooklyn College Library

BUSN 3230: Small Business Management and Minority Entrepreneurship: Week 3

Prof. Hervé Queneau


  • Telling Your Entrepreneurial Story and Pitching the Idea
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales
  • Business Model and Plan

Week 3 Discussions

Answer the Week 3 Discussion Questions by Tuesday, June 15th 11:59 pm and post at least 2 replies to the answers to the discussion question of other students by Thursday, June 17th 11:59 pm

Design plays a major role in how investors and other audiences respond to your pitch deck, but for one start-up company, achieving near perfection in their slide design did not create a pathway to success. Wattage Inc. was pitched as a modular electronics company that would allow users to design their own electronic equipment from modular parts, add art and other customized pieces, and have it shipped directly to them. To take a massive market - consumer electronics - and add a customization element was incredibly ambitious. The deck made for an aesthetically pleasing failure. Potential investors would not open their check books but would smile and suggest that these guys could always go into business making pitch decks for other start-ups. 

  • Can great design hurt a pitch presentation? How, or if no, why not?
  • What do you think was missing if investors loved the pitch deck, appreciated the tactile prototypes, and yet decided not to invest?

Week 3 Quiz

Week 3 Quiz covers the Chapters 7, 8, & 11. The time window to take the quiz starts on Monday, June 14th 12:01 am and ends on Sunday, June 20th 11:59 pm. Students can take each weekly quiz 3 times. I will keep the highest score.

Team Project – Elevator Pitch

  • Upload your team’s Elevator Pitch (single spaced, Font 12, Times Roman) using on the File Exchange function on your Group Page on Blackboard by Sunday, June 20th 11:59 pm
  • Please indicate “Elevator Pitch” in the subject line.