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Enter the Design Sprint Challenge!

The Brooklyn College School of Visual Media and Performing Arts and the Koppelman School of Business have teamed up for the past 3 years with the University of Hertfordshire on the Design Sprint International ChallengeThis unique opportunity is now expanded to include students from all over CUNY with the help of the CUNY Blackstone LaunchPad Initiative!

 The Design Sprint International offers a chance for students to participate remotely in an exciting week-long international Design Sprint challenge where they will work together with interdisciplinary teams from other CUNY schools and with several international universities. This challenge, held the week of January 16 a few hours each morning, gives students the opportunity to work closely with leaders in a variety of companies on solving actual design problems.

More info about the Design Sprint International for CUNY Students is here:  

Students from Brooklyn College that are interested in participating should contact Professor Veronica Manlow at

All other CUNY students should email  for more information. 

On Thursday, January 12 an Information Session will be held in the Brooklyn College Library in Room 242.  This event will also be streamed on Zoom! 

Design Sprint International



The industrial revolution is often credited with both birthing and being powered by the first entrepreneurs.

Twenty-first century historians have argued that the roots of entrepreneurship go back to as early as the thirteenth century, or medieval times in Europe. The medieval manuscripts that illustrate this site pay homage to this reading of the past.

Nonetheless, others have argued that the origins of or encouragement of entrepreneurship go back even further to biblical times or even earlier.

Regardless, entrepreneurs and innovators have been identified within many cultures (see one example here), in many parts of the world (see here, here and here for several examples) and undertaken by many, regardless of gender (for one example, see here).

Explore this guide for resources that will help your on your own path to success through innovation and entrepreneurship.

film strip old inventions

   old time inventions                                    podcasts from the Entrepreneurs


how i built this


diary of a ceo



Other Entrepreneurship Podcasts (from Babson College)





the pitch



image of Mansa Musa

Vanessa Newman is a entrepreneur and designer who founded Butchbaby, a line of clothing for queer people, particularly trans and masculine-presenting individuals, who are or want to become pregnant.   

Social Sciences

image of reem assil Reem Assil is a restaurant entrepreneur with a background in labor and community organizing and degrees in international relations and economics who is working to incubate a scalable apprenticeship program that offers pathways to ownership and self-governance for her workers. 


Visual Arts

Artist and curator Mitra Khorasheh is the co-founder of signs and symbols, a curatorial platform and multi-disciplinary incubator bringing together diverse mediums to stimulate dialogue and creative connections.

Performing Arts

   image of marisa hamomoto

Marisa Hamamoto is the founder of Infinite Flow Dance, a professional dance company that employs dancers with and without disabilities with a mission to use dance as a catalyst to dismantle biases and promote inclusion.


Educator Geoffrey Canada founded the Harlem Children's Zone to offer programs in early childhood, education, careers and wellness to distressed communities.


Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathain was a biologist and environmental activist who founded the Green Belt Movement, focusing on tree planting, environmental conservation, and women’s rights. image of wangari maathai


Philosopher Toby Orb was moved by his discipline to create the international society, Giving What We Can. Members have pledged over $1.5 billion to the most effective charities helping to improve the world.
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