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SPCL 7823: Seminar in Bilingual School Counseling: Module 1: Introduction to Bilingual Counseling

Prof. Bejarano: Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism, & Counseling in Schools

Module Topic Introduction

Introduction to course and requirements.

Course Zoom Meeting Times

Zoom class starts at 4:30pm

Do BEFORE Class Zoom Session 1


Blackboard Task Blackboard Bd logo.

  • Blackboard (Bb) RAT#1
  • Bb Discussion Board

Standards Covered by Module 1

  • CC: 2d;7e,m
  • NASP: 2; 8

Videos showing a glimpse into this course's discussion topics

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Citation: [Montreal Gazette] (2012, Nov. 12) Frenglish - Swearing: Montrealers on their language of choice words. (3:51) [Video File]. Retrieved from

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