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SPCL 3000 LGBTQ Youth in Educational Contexts (Greytak)

Prof. Emily Greytak OER

Week 13, 5/2: International Perspectives



  • Identify & Read your own reading- Find and read 1 article about LGBTQ youth or LGBTQ education issues on a country of your choice, (NOT the U.S.)  you can find this by doing an online  search for "news" or just general search. You could also search using "Google scholar", or any other way. You will be discussing your reading during Study Group.

Week 14: 5/9 Activism, Allyship, & Celebration

FOR CLASS: First We Rebelled, then We Assimilated - Now What. We will be reading this to ourselves during class. You do not have to read it ahead of time, but if you are someone that would like more time to read than we might have during class, you might want to review it ahead of time. 

Find & Read/Watch/Listen: Your Choice! Identify an issue that you are passionate about and find a video, article, or podcast episode about youth activism on that issue. OR if you prefer do a search for "youth activism" on YoutTube and find a video about youth activism on an issue that interests you. Be prepared to discuss the issue and activists you learned about.

Class Slides

Module 4 Project & Paper Assignments

Paper Assignment #2: Final Learning Essay (Week 14+)

  • Description: A 3-5 page paper describing your learning in this course that identifies, discusses, and explores the educational gains you made in the course.  The statement is autobiographical in the sense that it’s located in your experience of the course—the readings, class discussions and videos, films, and assignments. The statement is also academic in the sense that it asks you to intersect your experience with the course’s scholarship and experiential activities (readings, media, assignments, and class activities)
  • Details and Rubric Assignment Paper Final Learning Essay (pdf)
  • Submit completed project assignment via Blackboard
    • Due: 5/22/24 By 11:59pm