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SPCL 3000 LGBTQ Youth in Educational Contexts (Greytak)

Prof. Emily Greytak OER

Week 3, 2/8: Challenges & Joys of Being a Queer Youth

Attend: Study Group Meeting

WATCH: Love, SImon - Hulu, Netflix or Rent for $3.99 on Amazon, YouTube, AppleTV, Google Play
Preview for Love, Simon:

  • Step 1 Due for Population Project

Week 4, 2/15: Class Challenges & Joys of Being a Queer Youth

WATCH: Pariah- Amazon Prime or Rent for $3.99 on YouTube, AppleTV, Google Play
Preview for Pariah:

DUE: Step 2 for Population Project - Review the Population Project Overview, finalize population, and submit reading in class for approval (you can bring the article on your device to show professor, a hard copy, or information that includes the title, authors, and location (e.g. journal, news source, website, etc). You can also email this information prior to class.

Week 5, 2/29: Challenges & Joys of Being Trans, Nonbinary, or Gender Nonconforming Youth

Attend: Study Group Meeting

  • Read: Melissa, Chapters 1-6


  • SPECIAL EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Attend this virtual panel discussion "Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools" on Thurs. 2/29, 7pm and follow the rest of the Extra Credit requirements.

Watch: Ma Vie En Rose

Watch: 2 Videos Below

Citation: How To Know If Your Kid Is Transgender by Planned Parenthood is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Citation:<.strong> Citation: [TransFamalies] Trans Families (5:43) [video] Retrieved from:

Watch: Trans Families (6 min) 

DUE: Step 3 of Population Project - Submit selected resource/organization in class for approval, or send via email to professor before class. 

Week 6, 3/7: Class Challenges & Joys of Being Trans, Nonbinary, or Gender Nonconforming Youth

SYNCHRONOUS CLASS THIS WEEK - Thurs. 5:05-7:35 on the Zoom

  • Read: Melissa, Chapters 7-12 (finish the book)
For the Global Sexualities Reading:
  • You can ignore the first two paragraphs of the Introduction and just start unde the first photo, where it starts "Previous distinctions..." and end after the "Conclusion" (you do not need to read the profiles or any of the online resources, etc.)
  • - You can ignore all the things in the purple/gray boxes, and do not need to do any of the additional "read," "explore", or "watch" sections (although you are welcome to)
  • Watch: Coming Out as NonBinary, Trans, or Genderqueer (Below)

Citation: Coming Out as NonBinary, Trans, or Genderqueer by lifehacker


Class Slides

Mod 2 Project Assignment

Population Project (Weeks 3-7)

  • Description: Students will select their own specific LGBTQ identity community of interest (population of LGBTQ youth) and express and communicate your learning and insights through a type of project of your choice. This will allow students to deepen their knowledge and illustrate the diversity of experiences and identities within the LGBTQ youth community. Students’ projects will be showcased to the entire class through a “virtual gallery” of all projects.
  • Details and Rubric: Population Project Overview
  • Submit completed project assignment via Blackboard
  • Due: Full Project: 3/14/24 By 5pm
    • Step 1: Due 2/8 
    • Step 2: Due 2/15
    • Step 3: Due 2/29