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Speech Language Pathology: Articles & Databases

Links to databses and guidance on how to do research.

Databases for Speech Pathology

ASHA Journals

Brooklyn College Library provides access to the ASHA journals through a number of our databases including Communication and Mass Media Complete, CINAHL Complete, and Health Reference Center Academic.  The links below will display the complete list of databases that include these journals.

Criteria for Evaluating a Scholarly Article

Some criteria for evaluating research articles are listed below. Although the criteria are geared toward experimental sciences, the same general qualities can be found in Arts and Humanities research resources as well:

  • Theory/Hypothesis -- A question or problem
  • Literature review -- A thorough search of previous research that addresses the problem (or ones like them)
  • Methodology -- A guideline explaining of method used to gather data (details about example questions, experiment, analysis of letters)
  • Data -- Raw data and organized data -- the information that was gathered and organized and/or "coded"
  • Interpretation of Data -- Analysis of gathered data in relation to hypothesis and in relation to previous research
  • Conclusion/Findings -- summary of research conducted, and significance in relation to the field. Some proposal for further research
  • Bibliography/References -- from both literature and analysis portions.