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Speech Language Pathology: Books

Links to databses and guidance on how to do research.


Using Call Numbers

Not sure what you are looking for?  You can use the call number prefixes to guide you to the right section of the stacks so you can browse the collection.  

Try browsing the shelves around the following call numbers:‚Äč

BF 251    Hearing, Psychology

BF 455    Psychology of Language and Speech

HV 2350 Deaf. Sign Language

LB 3435  Speech Therapy

LC 4028  Language and Learning

P135        Sign Language

P215        Phonology, Phonetics

QM 251   Anatomy and Physiology of Speech

QM 507   Human Anatomy - Ear

 QP 306    Physiology of Voice and Speech

QP 351    Neurophysiology

QP 460     Hearing Physiology

RC 424    Stuttering

RC 424.7 Articulation Disorders

RC 425     Aphasia

RF 110      Otology - Diseases of the Ear

RF 290     Audiology - Hearing Disorders

RF 298     Hearing Disorders - Instruments

RF 540     Rehabilitation - Speech

RJ 496     Language and Communication

                   Disorders in Children




Using Subject Headings

Subject headings are words and phrases used to categorize books by subject field.  Here are some for Speech Pathology:

Cleft palate -- Complications
Hearing Disorders -- diagnosis
Speech disorders
Cleft palate -- Treatment
Speech therapy
Deafness in children
Stuttering in children -- Treatment
Language disorders
Speech disorders
Communication disorders