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PRLS 4410: Bilingualism in the 21st Century: Module 6

Module 6: Topics

Week 10:

Endangered Languages: Planning and Revitalization

Week 11

a. Bilingualism as a Resource

b. Bilingualism: Ideology, Identity and Empowerment

Module 6: Discussion Questions

Q#6: What does it mean when a language is lost? Why?

Q#7: What is language planning?

Week 10: Readings and Videos

Endangered languages: why it matters | Mandana Seyfeddinipur | TEDxLSHTM
Why and how to save endangered languages - Apr 18, 2013 (video)
Preserving endangered languages: Barry Mosses at TEDxCCS (video)
Saving the Lakota Language through Immersion Education | Peter Hill | TEDxBrookings