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PRLS 4410: Bilingualism in the 21st Century: Course Documents

Downloadable Syllabus

Essay Topics

Essay Topics:

  1. Do you consider yourself as bilingual or multilingual?  Would you describe yourself as ‘balanced’ in ability and use of two or more languages?  Which language or languages do you think in?  Does this change in different contexts? In which language or languages do you dream, count numbers, pray and think aloud? If you are a monolingual, describe your contact and or behavior with bilingual or multilinguals.
  2. Search on the internet for information on one revived language (e.g. Manx Gaelic in the Isle of Man; Hebrew; Catalán; Welsh).  What is the recent history of the language in numbers and use across domains?  What revival efforts have been made?  What interventions have been successful?

*The essay topics are based on readings and class discussions.  The essays should be typed- double space, with no more than 3 pages with 3 citations.  Your cited works should also be listed at the end of the essay – following MLA or APA style.