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PRLS 3325 Institutions of Urban Life & the Latinx Experience, 1848-2018: Week 2

Professor Ortiz-Minaya's OER course

Current week's course work schedule

Week 2, 1st class:
What does it mean to Learn and Teach?

  • Freire, Paulo. Pedagogy of the Oppressed. New York: Continuum, 2000, Chapter 2, pgs. 71-86
  • Quijano, Anibal and I. Wallerstein. Americanity as a Concept or the Americas in the Modern World System. ILWCH 1992

Week 2: 2nd class:
Global/Urban Restructuring and Cities in the World-Economy

  • Sassen, Saskia. 1991. The Global City. Princeton: Princeton University Press: PP 3-16; 23 -36; 201-221; 256-265.

Readings: Week 2, 1st class

Readings: Week 2, 2nd class