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PIMA 7742G Dynamic and Interactive Media in Performance II: Projects

Max Final Project Description

Max Final Projects

Design and implementation of one complex computer program created using Max for an Interactive Performance, or "user experience." (5 minutes or more).

The resultant work should depend on real time human computer interaction as an integral part of its construction. This project could be based on the smaller project, but must be significantly more developed and refined. This is the course Final Project.

All programs should be sufficiently well commented and documented for another person to understand how they work.


Project Includes

Final Projects May 20th, 2021
On your web log please make a post with the following:
    •    Short written description (a paragraph).
    •    System Diagram, code and a written technical description of the work.
    •    Video Documentation of the working piece.
    •    WebLinks to your Max project patches
    •    References (inspirations or code that helped you).
    •   A brief statement on any plans for the future.
You will present this in the final class. Each presentation lasts 10 minutes with 5 minute response time.

Please pre-record any video documentation and have your web log ready before class presentations.
An Example Final Project Web Log Post: HERE