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PIMA 7742G Dynamic and Interactive Media in Performance II: Labs

Class 2

For more information and how to Normalize audio with Audacity watch:
youtube video link
Reducing the dynamic range of audio with compression, with Audacity
youtube video link

Read: So what is a filter, anyway? From the MSP Simple Filter Tutorial

For more Max Practice with Filters and Audio to this link to Max Example Patches: Sound Processing Techniques with Max.


Class 3

Install & Explore MC Movement Studies Package with the Max Package Manager.

this is a link to a video example of the Dillon Bastan's MC Movement Studies

Extra: Download a video on mouse tracking with text object from our lesson.

Link to the Susan Marshall sample of Adamantine (audio 00:31-00:45)

Max Text Object Reference


If you like curves, not ramps in audio panning, try the Curve~ object!

Class 4

Tired of the same old sounds, feel free to load some more free or pay soundfonts to your Max Soundfont folder.


Labs Class 5

7742 EXTRA Max Lessons