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New Deal Exhibit: Acknowledgements and Resources

An Online Catalog for the Exhibit at Brooklyn College

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Dean Maria Ann Conelli, School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts, for her support throughout this project and making this exhibit a reality. Many thanks to Asya Dodina who assisted with all facets of preservation, planning and installation of the exhibit; and to Beth Farryn Levine, Associate Executive Director, Brooklyn College Foundation for her expert guidance. We are greatly appreciative of Joseph LoGuirato’s graphic design for both the exhibit and catalogue. We are grateful to Colin McDonald for his expert software design for the touch screen and Emily Fairey for designing a terrific exhibit website.

Michelle J. Anderson, President Brooklyn College

Maria Ann Conelli, Dean: School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

Mary Mallery, Chief Librarian and Exec. Director of Academic Information Technology

WPA Painting Restoration Supporters

Brooklyn College gratefully acknowledges these members of the Class of 1964 for their generosity and commitment to the preservation of this important piece of our history.‚Äč

Potoula Anastation
Stuart B. Bauer
Arlene Baxt
Stephen M. Belis
Rochelle Benezra
Michele J. Birnbaum
Julia M. Blair
Leonard Blum
Martin Brenner
Eva Brisman
Roslyn H. Chernesky
Adele F. Cohen
Rita E. Cooperman
Madelyn Donoff
Robert F. Dore
Jeanette Dowdell
Shirley F. Ebner
Stephen A. Edelstein
Emily G. Eisen
Joel D. Feinblatt
Joan Felsen
Philip N. Fluhr
Maude S. Fribourg
Bonita Ganot
Ronald B. Gold
Arlene Goldberg
Elinor Goldberg
Leonard Goldberg
Miriam Goldhaber
Arthur M. Goldstein
Eileen I. Haber-Davis
Joel A. Hertz
Rita Hofer
Bernard Hoffman
Ellis Horowitz
Philip Howort
David Kafkewitz
Julian Karelitz
Lawrence K. Katz
Roslyn M. Kaye
Leslie W. Keena
Ellen M. Koukoudeas
Gershom Kravitz
Lorraine Laighold
Antoinette N. Lamb
Joel S. Levine
Arthur H. Mackler
Barbara J. Malinsky
Judith A. Malz
Syma Mendelsohn
Julia-Anne Merker
Gloria M. Montalto
Maryann Morale
Leslie J. Morris
Irwin K. Neswitz
Norman M. Panitch
Carole J. Parker
Oliver G. Patterson
Laurence Perlman
Louise M. Pirrello
Gerald J. Post
Gail Postal
Herbert R. Roland
Dennis S. Rosenberg
Harold Rosenblatt
Eileen Rosenthal
Carol Ann Rudolph
Lynn D. Sacks
Joyce M. Saltman
Linda M. Schoenberg
Barbara M. Schonfeld
Carol J. Schwartz
Robert D. Schwartz
Karen M. Scoglio
Michael L. Sesnowitz
Frances J. Shapiro-Skrobe
Lea N. Siciliano
Elliot R. Siegel
Edward B. Sussman
Melvin B. Taub
Neil P. Tessler
Ralph P. Testa
Marguerite R. Tumminio
Alice P. Walsh
David Weinstein
Roberta E. Weisbrod
Linda S. Weiss
Ann R. Yerman
Sheila P. Young
David M. Zieff


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Audio Sources


Information on Artists

Information on Artists:

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