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Kanopy: Must-see films for every major

Kanopy is a streaming video service. You can now search for Kanopy films using OneSearch.


How to Watch Kanopy Films:

  • You must link to the Kanopy site here from the library site or use the link your instructor gave you. Do not log in at Kanopy.
  • If you are off campus, you will be taken to the Brooklyn College Library login/authentication page if you have not already logged in.
  • Do not log in at Kanopy - as long as you are on campus or have logged in/authenticated through the library's remote authentication page you should be able to watch films.
  • FACULTY - if you want to put a link to a Kanopy film in your syllabus please pre-pend it with this url so the link will look like this


How Faculty Request Kanopy Films:

Because of the high cost of activating each film--$150 for 1 year of streaming access--only faculty may request film activation for use with classes.  Faculty may request that films be activated through the form on the Kanopy website; requests are processed daily. Activated films are available for one year and may be accessed by all members of our community.

You can check this guide by clicking on the alphabetical tabs above to discover what titles are currently available on Kanopy through Brooklyn College. Since titles are only available for a limited time, there is also a handy countdown for each title, so you will always know when they will expire.

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