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Nutrition Research Guide | Brooklyn College Library

HNSC 7931X Principles of Nutrition Research: Term Project

Prof. Xinyin Jiang's Fall 2020

Broad Description of Term Project

In order to help you gain hands-on experience in nutrition research, this course includes a mini nutrition research project that all students participate in.

  • The overarching topic in this semester is “food security and nutrition intake during the COVID-19 pandemic”.
  • There is a set of questions about food security and nutrition intake in the basic survey provided in the course materials.
  • You will participate in adding and revising the questions. In addition, you will design a small project that can be addressed by the survey.
  • You will write a proposal and have this proposal reviewed by two of your classmates and the instructor.
  • We will hold a mock proposal review section that mimic the NIH grant review study section.
  • You will collect survey data by conducting structured interviews on two people. Thereafter, you will be instructed how to analyze data to address the study question you identify.
  • Lastly, you will write a brief manuscript (term paper) and present your study results to the class.

Specific details of your term project and what is expected is contained in the "Term Project Details" box.

Term Project Details

Identify a research question: read the basic survey and design a research question that can be addressed by the survey, submit the question by September 9, 2020. Here are some examples of research question:

  • How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect food security?
  • How is stress level associated with dietary quality?
  • What is the prevalence of insufficient diary intake in a group of Brooklyn residents?
  • How is household structure associated with fruit and vegetable intake?

If there is a question that you would like to address but cannot be addressed by the current survey, submit additional survey questions (2 maximum) that will address your question of interest to be discussed and approved by the class.
Due by September 9, 2020

Write a research proposal that can address the research question you identify. The research proposal will use the format of the NIH specific aim page (samples provided). The proposal should have a brief introduction about the background (literature review), pointing out the public health significance and advances in science, study objective, study hypothesis, specific aims (if any), research methods, and impact. The proposal will be 3 pages maximum (reference excluded), with a font size of 12, 1-inch margin, and double spaced.

Due: first draft due by 9/23/2020

After the first draft of the proposal is submitted, each student will be assigned with 2 other students’ proposals to conduct peer review. The reviewer should provide constructive feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and suggestions to improve the proposals. During the October 7 session, reviewer 1 is going to lead off introducing the proposal to the class and provide critiques, while reviewer 2 will provide additional introduction or comments. Each proposal review will be completed in 6 minutes. The instructor will also provide feedback.

After receiving all feedback, students will revise their proposals and submit the final version (please provide a track change copy and a clean copy)
Due by 10/28/2020.

Students will collect survey data by structured interview on 2 people from two different households that are not part of the class. You should obtain verbal consent from the participants before conducting the interview. Answering survey questions is voluntary and participants should know that they can skip any question that they don’t feel comfortable to answer. Survey data will be anonymous, so don’t include any identifiable personal information when you submit the survey to blackboard.
Due: Submit the data by 11/4/2020.

Use the master database containing survey data entry from all students to conduct data analysis. Based on the result, write up a short manuscript. The manuscript should contain a title, author information, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references. Use the template and author guidelines provided. The manuscript should be 4 pages maximum excluding references.
DUE: Submit the first draft by 12/9/2020.

Present your study to the class on 12/9/2020. Each student will have 5 minutes for presentation.

Based on feedback from the instructor, revise the manuscript and resubmit the final version.
DUE: by 12/20/2020.