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BIOL 3011: Genetics (Gotesman): Unit 4: Extension of Mendelian Heredity

Genetics: BIOL 3011

Topics for Unit 4: Extension of Mendelian Heredity

Lecture 7: Terminology, Single gene extension

Lecture 8: Multifactorial and multiple gene extension, metabolic pathways.

At the end of this unit you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the connection between phenotype and genotype, and how these relationships can give rise to altered Mendelian ratios
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the assumptions underlying basic Mendelian genetics
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the genetic consequences of modifying these assumptions
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the concept of biochemical pathways and the genetic analysis of pathways

Readings: Extension of Mendelian Heredity (Unit 4)

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Videos: Gene Extensions (Unit 4)

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Useful genetics -problem solving examples -a little confusing.

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