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Children and Youth Studies
Location: 1304 James Hall Phone: 718.951.3192

Brooklyn Listening Project | Library | Children and Youth Studies

CHST 4900 Professional Perspectives and Children: Professor Kerr - Spring 2020

Open Educational Resource CHST 4900

Calendar and Readings for Professor Kerr Spring 2020

Date Reading and/or Assignment
Tues 1/28 Introductions and course mechanics
Tues 2/4

Working with Children: Situating Children & Youth Studies


  • Talburt, S. and Lesko, N. (2014). Historicizing Youth Studies. In (Eds. Ibrahim, A. and Steinberg, S.) Critical Youth Studies Reader. New York: Peter Lang.
  • Taylor N., Smith A.B. (2015) Thinking About Children: How Does It Influence Policy and Practice? external link..Item is locked, you need password from professor to unlock document.  In: Wyn J., Cahill H. (Eds) Handbook of Children and Youth Studies. Springer: Singapore

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

  1. Brooklyn College Magner Career Center Quick Reference Guide: Resumes, Curricula Vitas, Cover Letters, Thank You Letters and References

Based on this guide, print off your “favorite” resume. Bring in your current resume!!

Tues 2/11 Work on Resume
Tues 2/18

Community and Youth Development

  1. McLaughlin, M. (2000). Community counts: How youth organizations matter for youth development.[pdf] Washington DC: Public Education Network.
  2. Zeller-Berkman, S. (2014). Rolling thunder: The collective impact of intergenerational youth policy making in New York City. [pdf] Intergenerational Change Initiative, Public Science Project, CUNY Graduate Center.

Making Use of Theory

  1. Smith K. (2015) Deconstructing Discourses to Rupture Fairytales of the “Ideal” Childhood.Off-campus authentication needed item.  In: Wyn J., Cahill H. (eds) Handbook of Children and Youth Studies. Springer, Singapore

Discuss: Journal Reflection: Professional Aspirations

Due: Resume

Tues 2/25

Conducting Qualitative Interviews

  1. Newbold, Curtis. (2018, Jan. 30)  How to conduct interviews for research external link.The VCG (Visual Communication Guy)
  2. Miller, Jo. ((2018, Mar 25) 40 Questions To Ask A Mentor external link.
  3. Falcone, Paul. (2010) The Right Questions to Ask When Conducting An Interview external link.
  • Watch video "How to Conduct an Interview"

Attribution: [Turn Key Doc] How to Conduct an Interview-Effective Interview Questions (2014, Aug 15) Retrieved from:
Tues 3/3

Transformative Childhood Studies

  1. Lauren J. Silver (2019) Transformative childhood studies – a remix in inquiry, justice, and love. external link. Children's Geographies, DOI: 10.1080/14733285.2019.1610155  [IMPORTANT NOTE- you can read online without logging in. When you go to page scroll down to read online. However, if you wish to download this reading they require you to create a login and login]
Tues 3/10

Conducting Qualitative Interviews

Submit Draft of interview questions
Tues 3/17

DUE: Journal Reflection: Topic Statement and Interview Questions for Interview of Professional

Class determined reading – bring in reading

Student Facilitator
Tues 3/24

Class determined reading

Student Facilitator
Tues 3/31

Class determined reading

Student Facilitator
Tues 4/7

Class determined reading

Student Facilitator

DUE: Video Assignment – Interview of a Professional
Wed 4/8 to Thur 4/16 Spring Recess from Wednesday April 8 to Thursday April 16.
Tues 4/21

Class determined reading

Student Facilitator
Tues 4/28

Class determined reading

Student Facilitator

DUE: PAPER: Interview of a Professional
Tues 5/5

Class determined reading

Student Facilitator
Tues 5/12 Wrap up!


Assignments for Professor Kerr


Due: 2/18
Submit: Via Blackboard

Submit a professional hard-copy resume. Training will also be provided for developing a web-based resume.

Journal Reflection: Professional Aspirations

4 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1” margins

Submit on Blackboard

Due: 3/3

How do you imagine putting your degree to work? This journal reflection paper is an opportunity for you to explore and describe your own professional aspirations. Pulling from your lived-experience, your vision for yourself, and readings from your Children & Youth Studies classes, write a 1,000 word essay about a professional career path related to Children & Youth Studies that you can imagine following and why. You are welcome to write this as a letter to yourself (or to someone else – real or imagined), or in some other creative format. Start with your own vision/dreams/aspirations but also be sure to think carefully about content from your Children & Youth Studies courses and make meaningful references to at least 2 readings from CYS classes. Please highlight any gaps in your knowledge that you identify.

Interview of a Children & Youth Studies Professional Assignment (3 parts)

Journal Reflection:

Topic Statement, Pre-Interview Materials and Interview Questions for Interview of Professional
3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1” margins
Submit on Blackboard
Due: 3/17

You will be conducting an interview of a professional in a field related to Children & Youth Studies. Your interview will provide an opportunity for you to hear first-hand experiences as well as to further explore connections between the theories of Children & Youth Studies and practical applications. For this assignment:

  1. Please provide a detailed description of the person you are interviewing and the professional setting (organization) in which they work. Find out as much as you can!
  2. Describe why you want to interview this person.
  3. Draft a “script” for how you will ask them if you can interview them.
  4. Write your interview guide – a list of 15 – 20 prompts, probes, and questions you will ask them in your interview.


Video Assignment: Interview of a Professional

Due: 4/7
Post the video of your interview assignment on the course website.


Peer Response to Video Assignment

Due: TBD
Using the course website, annotate and/or comment on at least 3 of your classmates video interviews. Each annotation/comment should include …


Class Discussion Facilitation

Early in the semester, we will be collaboratively culling eight excellent texts from our collective resources (including past courses) to read together. Each student will have the opportunity to lead a class activity and discussion on the text. Be creative! Use your group/children/youth work skills to make class session fun, engaged, and educational.

Final Paper: Bringing the Children & Youth Studies Learning Goals to Life

In-class web content development (?) + final paper