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Children and Youth Studies
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Welcome to your Capstone Course!

Congratulations – you’ve made it to the capstone course of your college career. This site will be your portal for this class. On here you can find everything you’ll need for the course: syllabus, calendar, readings, assignment instructions and submission guidelines, materials, and resources. The site is emphasizes process over product; throughout the the semester, we will be co-constructing content for the site. By the end of the semester, we will have collectively built a resource including multi-media projects created by you that weave together Children & Youth Studies theory and practice.

Course Description: The purpose of this capstone course is to expose students to the broad range of professions and “real world” opportunities in practice, policy, and advocacy focusing on children and to examine, in-depth, the theory and research underpinning the perspectives on children reflected in these different contexts.  In so doing, the course aims to make a critical link between the academic skills and knowledge students acquire as part of the major in Children and Youth Studies, and its application in the many professional areas, government agencies, and non-government organizations whose primary orientation is children and young people.


This is a capstone course. It is an opportunity to reflect and synthesize on all that you’ve learned in Children & Youth Studies so far and to prepare you for professional applications. As a capstone, we will collaborate on creating the content based on your academic experiences and areas of interest. The assignments include opportunities for you to consider the learning goals of the major, reflect on what you’ve learned in other classes, reflect on your own professional aspirations, fill in any gaps with excellent readings, learn from professionals in the field, and make critical connections between professional experiences and the theoretical framing of Children & Youth Studies.

Assignments will provide opportunities for you to explore connections between your professional aspirations and the theories of the major, create/revise your resume, conduct interviews of professionals in the field, review learning goals for the major, identify, review, and critically respond to key readings, and writing assignments that flesh out the learning goals of Children & Youth Studies.

Course Objectives


  • Identify professional perspectives on children and their theoretical and evidence bases, reflected in a broad range of areas of child-focused professional practice, policy, and advocacy.
  • Identify career opportunities relating to children, and the educational, training, and professional requirements, and career structure in areas of professional practice, and in government and non-government organizations and agencies.

Spring 2020

Professor : Adjunct Lecturer Kimberly A. Kerr
Office Hours: By Appointment

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