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Children and Youth Studies
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CHST 4200 Applied Research in Children’s Studies: Required Readings

OER for Professor Parbatie Chitolie, MA, MPA.

Required Readings

Reading A

  1. Scientific Research (Page 5 – 6)
  2. Thinking like a researcher (Page 9 – 12)
  3. The Research Process (Page 20 – 24)
  4. Theories in Scientific Research (Page 26 – 29)
  5. Research Design
  6. Measurements and Constructs (Page 43 – 49)
  7. Scale Reliability and Validity (Page 55 – 60)
  8. Sampling
  9. Survey Research
  10. Case Research
  11. Experimental Research
  12. Quantitative Analysis: Descriptive Statistics
  13. Quantitative Analysis: Inferential Statistics
  14. Ethics

Reading B

Additional Required Readings

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