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Children and Youth Studies
Location: 1304 James Hall Phone: 718.951.3192

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CHST 4200 Applied Research in Children’s Studies: Home

OER for Professor Parbatie Chitolie, MA, MPA.


Instructor: Parbatie Chitolie, MA, MPA
Office Hours: 5-6pm and by appointment
Lecture: Thursday 6:30 -9:15 PM
Lecture Room: James Hall 2610

Course Description

3 hours; 3 credits

Study of applied research with children in social science settings. Discussion of ethical issues that arise when conducting research with children. Students will develop their own research questions and explore appropriate methodologies for examining them. Different approaches to research, both quantitative/experimental and qualitative will be discussed. Students will gain hands-on experience with one or more research methods inside and/or outside of the class. The course emphasizes critical reading and understanding of the research literature and the presentation of research findings. (This course is not open to students who completed this topic in Children's Studies 25 in the spring or fall 2006).

Prerequisite: Children's Studies 2100 or permission of the program director.

Course Website address:

Course Design

As an “applied research” course, CHST4200 is designed to include both a lecture and a lab.colored pencil sketch of students looking at teacher lecturing with pie chart slide in background.

Exams will be based primarily on the lecture portions of the course and the lab portion will be undertaken with a shared goal of completing weekly assignments and producing a final research proposal, which will serve as the topic of each student’s final presentation.

  • Lecture
    • The lecture portion of the class will introduce the materials that make up the substantive topic of this course. Lectures by the Instructor will be derived primarily from the posted readings.
  • Lab
    • The lab portion of the class will involve the process of “doing research” and focus on implementing the methods and skills learned. Labs will include general discussion questions and assignments.

Course Goals

Orange circle with black checkmark and yellow circle with black checkmark.

  • To train students in the design and execution of scientific research in the study of children and issues associated with the youth population under the age of 18.
  • To enable students to complete, read and evaluate their own research and the work of other researchers.


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Download a copy of your syllabus Professor Parbatie Chitolie's Spring 2020 CHST 4200 ER6 class.

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