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SPCL 7804 Human Development: Session 13: Unit 5 – Emerging & Early Adulthood, continued

Open Educational Resource (OER) created for Professor Elizalde-Utnick's SPCL 7804 course.


Consider your cognitive abilities as an adult. Where are you now? Formal or postformal thought? What is your level of self-efficacy? Consider your own career development. How does Super’s theory apply to you personally?

Application Activity: Exploring Holland’s Career Test

  1. Go to this link and SCROLL DOWN to the link IIP RIASEC Markers and hit the “start” link and complete Holland’s test
  2. When you log on, you should see the test like follows:
  3. test screenshot example
  4. Read your profile. Which letters came up for you from RIASEC?


In this session we discuss cognitive processes in emerging and early adulthood, particularly formal and postformal thought and self-efficacy. We will also explore career development, specifically, Super’s life-span theory. We will begin with a quiz on the assigned readings and then discuss the material and engage in application activities.