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OER and Publishing Platforms: OER Commons

Discussion of the features offered by various web platforms useful for Open Educational Resources (OERs) and other types of publishing.

OER Commons Intro (copied from homepage)

A platform created by ISKME with an array of different applications geared specifically toward OER creation.

Ideal Use: Difficult to say due to the variety of applications in the platform, which attempts to appeal to projects of many sizes and backgrounds. Would appeal to those looking for a more tailored, structured solution rather than customizing an open-source foundation like Wordpress.


  • Large user base, and large selection of resources available via participants to be collected and adapted by new users.
  • Variety of applications include groups, hubs for larger networks of information and people, and microsites with custom branding and a larger suite of information and functionality.


  • Platform usage requires accounts; more difficult to evaluate features and experiment than many other platforms.
  • More robust options seem to be tied to partner and other arrangements with the platform organization.
  • Visual customization may not be as flexible on more open platforms.

Example Video

Here is one of many tutorial videos available from OER Commons.