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OER and Publishing Platforms: Vocat

Discussion of the features offered by various web platforms useful for Open Educational Resources (OERs) and other types of publishing.

Resources / Links

Vocat Intro (repeated from homepage)

Developed by a team organized at Baruch College, Vocat is a full-featured platform for professors and students to share and interact with video, audio, and images.

Ideal Use: Creating a collaborative, private space for a group to upload and interact with media and each other.


  • As this tour helps illustrate, a prime feature of Vocat is the variety of media annotation and uploading possibilities for students, including highlighting and drawing on content.
  • Professors and evaluators can take advantage of robust tracking and grading features for students and their courses and course projects.


  • The platform must be hosted and set up by the user, but it is available as an open-source code package with instructions for hosting out-of-the-box and with minimal cost and setup time via Amazon Web Services.
  • There is no public-facing part of the course areas; all users (from professors to students) must log in via individual accounts with pre-determined sets of permissions.

Screenshots / Examples

course request example vocat

Managing Courses

Users have different roles (student, evaluator, etc.) and can manage their courses and permitted management options within their role.

media upload example vocat

Uploading Media

A user-friendly uploading interface allows the ingestion of photos, audio, and video for use within different courses and projects, organized by the user uploading the file.

vocat example annotation

Robust Annotation

Similar to other platforms, annotations can be made alongside the media (time-stamped for video) and attributed to different users. Vocat offers another level of functionality with highlighting and drawing capability.

vocat student grade examples

Easy Grading

There are many ways to grade and track students across different skills.

vocat evaluation example

Evaluating All Student Work

The grading interface allows an evaluator to sort and observe student performance at a glance.